Thanks for stopping by! Today’s busy world offers a multitude of distractions that keep people from focusing on their faith and their inner spiritual direction. Peace Tree Spirituality Center offers an environment of learning, reflection, relaxation, and teaching that contributes to the spiritual well-being of each person’s personal relationship with the Divine. Peace Tree provides sacred space so that seekers of all beliefs may find healing and peace. Inspired by our beautiful parsonage, grounds, and labyrinth, we invite the region – and beyond – to bring themselves to the center, be present, reflect, and go forth in peace.

Peace Tree Spirituality Center is open to everyone, regardless of faith tradition or personal and unique spiritual formation. To that end, Peace Tree:

  • encourages dialogue between people of differing faiths/spiritual formations.
  • offers spiritual direction and conversations for those with questions about/along their personal journey.
  • has times for prayer, meditation, and spiritual formation with a spiritual director.
  • provides opportunities to share personal experiences and to learn from others.

Peace Tree has retreat space, areas for spiritual direction and personal reflection, activities, and speakers in order to welcome the greater St. Louis community and beyond. Peace Tree endeavors to meet the spiritual needs of our community in an ecumenical and interfaith manner.