Peace Tree Spirituality Center

Peace Tree Spirituality Center

heal, renew, connect, transform


Thank you for visiting the virtual home of Peace Tree Spirituality Center.  We exist to hold sacred space for individuals and groups to heal, renew, connect, and transform.  It does not matter who you are or where you come from, Peace Tree welcomes you regardless of faith tradition or personal spiritual formation.

Individual Retreats

Peace Tree Spirituality Center holds sacred space for you to settle into a slower pace, soak in the silence, and begin to feel and see more deeply.  We currently offer space for A Day Away.  Overnight accommodations are being updated and will be available in 2018.  During your stay you may wish to:

  • Walk our labyrinth
  • Meditate
  • Listen
  • Borrow a book from our spiritual library
  • Stroll the gardens and grounds
  • Create art or journal
  • Fall into a more natural soul rhythm
  • Remember

We offer opportunities to further personalize your retreat to nurture your body, mind, and soul with spiritual direction or massage therapy.


Contact us to make a reservation.

Workshops and Community-Building Retreats

Peace Tree Spirituality Center holds sacred space for groups of 3 – 30 to get away, connect more deeply, and find new life and energy.  Overnight accommodations for groups up to 15 beginning in 2018.

Gather at Peace Tree for:


  • Leadership retreats
  • Youth events
  • Visioning
  • Spiritual renewal
  • Education events
  • And more…

When you reserve Peace Tree you will have access to:

  •  The Fire Place Room
  • The Dining Room
  • The Creation Room
  • The Spiritual Direction Room
  • The Kitchen
  • Peace Tree’s grounds including the Labyrinth

Room photos coming soon!

Contact us to reserve Peace Tree for your group.

Social Change

At Peace Tree we grow deep roots and wide branches, transforming ourselves and our world.  We are committed to holding sacred space:

  • where change-makers renew and vision;
  • where we meet at the intersection of our differences;
  • and where oppressive structures are analyzed and dismantled.



Deep Roots, Wide Branches

Affordable event space for student and community groups in St. Louis

Affordable event space for student and community groups in St. Louis

Peace Tree Spirituality Center offers St. Louis area organizers and students something unique – an affordable, comfortable space to bond, dream, laugh, and support one another away from the distractions of home and campus life. In the coming month Peace Tree will host student groups and community justice organizations, like Just Moms in Bridgeton, MO.  Sometimes groups schedule a retreat to relax and bond.  Other times the time is focused and mission driven.

We  (heart) Organizers and Activists

We at Peace Tree support the important grass roots organizing that often operates on a shoe string budget, but whose impact reverberates throughout our community.

We  (heart) Students

Students become leaders.  And students today are burdened by excessive financial responsibilities.  Peace Tree embraces our future through our commitment to students and student organizations.

Check out our very reasonable group rental rates and contact us to schedule a day or overnight to bring new energy to your group.


Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash