A Day Away

A Day Away

Take A Day Away from the news and the noise.

Take A Day Away to find yourself…
or enjoy getting lost.

Take A Day Away to focus your mind…
or lean into the soft light of your soul.

Take A Day Away to release your hold…
or grapple with an angel.

Take A Day Away for:

  • Space
  • Peace
  • Quiet
  • Perspective
  • Simplicity
  • Vision
  • Feeling
  • Sensing
  • Knowing
  • Not Knowing

Maybe you get ready for work or drop off the kids, just like any other day.  Except this day is A Day Away.  Take the short drive to Peace Tree.  Unplug, recharge, and return with a little more life.

You may want to walk into A Day Away at Peace Tree unplanned, ready for the Spirit to inspire you.  Or you could schedule a spiritual guide to meet with you and help you think about how to spend those precious hours.  Enjoy your Day Away on the weekend or during the week.

While silence is golden, a day away is totally affordable.

Call or email to make a reservation.