Eden Student Study Sanctuary

Eden Student Study Sanctuary

Eden Seminary Students!

You’re almost there. Homestretch. Last push through finals.

Let Peace Tree support you in these final days of the semester.

Get out of your house or apartment, away from (well meaning) family and distractions. Drop by Peace Tree for a few hours or spend the entire day on Saturday, December 9th. We have WiFi, lots of space to spread out books, a full kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks, beds for a power nap, an outdoor labyrinth for a brisk energizing walk, and… PEACE AND QUIET. Doors open at 8 a.m. We’ll be open as long as a student needs the space, but will close at 9 p.m. if everyone has wrapped up by then.

There’s no cost. Pick up a brochure and consider us for your next retreat or church event.

Email director@peacetreecenter.org with questions. Visit http://www.peacetreecenter.org/events/eden-student-study-sanctuary/ for more information.