Embodied Leadership and Yoga Teacher Training

Embodied Leadership and Yoga Teacher Training

​300 Hour


Peace Tree Spirituality Center
Florissant, Missouri
October 4, 2019 – November 8, 2020 


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Connect with All that You Are.
Heal in Connection.
Guide with Capability.

The E Y C 300 Hour Embodied Leadership & Yoga Teacher Training is a transformative initiation both personally and as a teacher/leader/guide in the following ways:  

  • Deepen your capacity to inhabit your body,
  • Access your full energetic presence, 
  • Hone your senses, intuition and discernment, 
  • Orient yourself toward healing your deepest wound patterns, and
  • Align with the essential gifts and genius that makes you, you.

Yoga is a heart-centered path of coming home to your body, which empowers and heals.  Yoga offers a direct solution to violence, abuse and trauma by empowering us with full presence and awareness, and inhabiting our present-moment choices. 

The world is calling for this depth of healing and because of this many are feeling the call to step into their own self-healing and leadership to guide the path of healing for others.  The 300 Hour Embodied Leadership & Yoga Teacher Training is a safe, loving container for you to engage in ongoing discovery of the mystery, while connected with yourself and within community.

Beginning this October 2019, we gather at Peace Tree Spirituality Center in Florissant, Missouri to begin our journey through the E Y C 300 Hour Training.   

Peace Tree is a sacred space for individuals and groups to heal, renew, connect, and transform within the beauty of nature, in a spacious, comfortable, supportive environment.  

Together, we will sink into a rhythm of evolution, healing and empowerment, with time and space for quiet, contemplation, learning, practice, laughter, and discover together in community. 

With the experienced and caring guidance of Rhonda Mills, you will be invited into five sacred initiations…a life-changing shift in stepping deeper into your role as an embodied leader and Yoga teacher.


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