Deep Tides: a morning dive into poetry and music, movement and meditation

Deep Tides: a morning dive into poetry and music, movement and meditation
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Date(s) - 02/17/2018
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Peace Tree Spirituality Center


Poetry is the ancient language of human culture, the language of myth and hymn and story from earliest times.

Something in the rhythm, musicality and symbolic imagery of a poem invites us to touch into the deeper places of the heart, drops us into a more intimate space with ourselves, and there we may find the mother tongue of our souls.

A poem can be medicine as well as an ally and wisdom teacher to sail with us through troubled seas.

You don’t have even have to like poetry to find this Dive into poems a deeply transforming process.

Over the course of the morning’s Dive into Music and Poems, you will be invited to immerse yourself. to allow the tidal wash of music, movement, meditation, and poetry take you into an energized, restful and transformative space. During this process you can let yourself sink deeper into the flow of sound and poetry as into a mythic sea. Nothing is required of you. As we re-surface from the depths onto solid ground again, the group will be offered the opportunity to do a little journaling, and to share anything about the experience they would like. All is entirely voluntary.


Wendy Sarno, has been serving as a spiritual guide for many years. She leads retreats and workshops on a variety of topics designed to nourish the soul and lead toward greater wholeness. She is a founding associate with woman’Space. Much of her work with groups involves the use of writing to facilitate the collecting of individual stories and aid in spiritual exploration. She is a devoted initiate in Kim Rosen’s Poetry Depths Mystery School. Her greatest joy is working with others as they allow a poem to open and reveal the deepest language of soul. Wendy recently published her first book Writings from Wild Soul available at

Suggested reading: Saved By a Poem, Kim Rosen