She Who Is: Exploring the Feminine Faces of God in Christianity

She Who Is: Exploring the Feminine Faces of God in Christianity
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Date(s) - 11/23/2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Peace Tree Spirituality Center


Facilitated by Erin Duffy-Burke and Jessica Gazzola

She Who Is

a day of prayer and presence, exploring the feminine face of God in the Christian Tradition

(a retreat for those who identify as female)


Humankind was created as God’s reflection:

In the divine image God created them;

Female and male, God made them.” Genesis 1: 27 (The Inclusive Bible)


Have you ever wondered about this foundational passage, that if all of humankind reflects God, then God must be … not just male? In Christian tradition and history, God is referred to again and again in the male form, yet this reflects more the trappings of a patriarchal culture than who God really is. Christian scripture and tradition are resplendent with feminine images of God, and of human women coming to know the Mystery of the Divine in the waves, whisperings and weavings of HER body. This retreat will be a dive into the feminine face and being of the Holy One, and the embodiment of our own femininity as we behold the one beholding us.


While this retreat will have intellectual components and might weave in theAlogy, it will be mostly experiential and embodied— inviting us all into our own lived experience of tuning into the movements of the Living God as women. What are the characteristics of She Who Is? What are the elements of our own prayer lives (and how might we build them) that bring us closer to Her? How might we support one another in a sisterhood of faithfulness and love?   Let us weave this ancient women’s wisdom anew!

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Optional Friday evening potluck Sophia Supper and overnight.  Overnight $30/person.  email to stay overnight.