Local Arts Group Offers a Day to Create

Local Arts Group Offers a Day to Create

Write. Paint. Reflect. Draw.

Saturday, March 16 North County Writing & Arts Network comes to Peace Tree for a day to surrender to the call of your creative spirit. Spend time in solitude, perfecting your work, or collaborate with an artistic partner for support. Walk the labyrinth or sit and reflect.

Saturday, March 16, 2019
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Fee: $15 full day, $10 half day
RSVP: 314-210-4774 or nocowan@yahoo.com

North County Writing & Arts Network (NoCoWAN) is for all creative spirits in North St. Louis County who are interested in collaborating with other local writers and artists.

We invite those who are writing or have written manuscripts and want to discuss the writing and/or publishing process. It is also open to visual artists, performing artists, healing/therapeutic artists and practitioners, folk artistS, etc., who would like to share and discuss their work. All skill levels and genes are welcome.


  • Connect and collaborate with creatives who live in and love North St. Louis County
  • Locate existing resources of increase community arts programming and provide development and/or performance opportunities
  • Highlight artistic talent in North St. Louis County

About Us

NoCoWAN founders are: Marie Chewe-Elliott, Antionette “Toni” Crayton and Lydia Douglas. Our previous group name was Write Sistahs Literary Group. Since 2012, we have curated, hosted or organized more than a dozen multicultural, multi generational events in North St. Louis County. WE have also performed, presented or supported man, many more.

Antionette Crayoen is a multi-talented visual artists, poet and storyteller. Learn more about her creative journey here.

Lydia M. Douglas is a motivational speaker/author with a desire to help others realize that they all have a well of untapped resources, unfulfilled dreams, and desires within.  She is the author of 7 books.  Learn more about Lydia.

Marie Chewe-Elliott is a writer, speaker and poet.  She writes to give voice to women and is often invited as a featured presenter for women’s conferences and workshops.  She is the author of three books.  Her website is: www.mariecheweelliott.com

Creative Affirmation

I am a creative being. I give myself permission to create. I am tuned in to my creative impulses. I respect and acknowledge my creative instincts. I realize the value my art brings into the world. I allow my creativity flow. I am inspired. I love the artist in me. I love the art that seeks expression through me. I am and artist. I am a creative force. I am powerful. I am confident. I am abundant. I am grateful for my gifts and talents. I am willing. I am capable. I am a powerful creator. I am an artist.