Peace Tree for the Holidays

Peace Tree for the Holidays

As the weather turns colder and the Thanksgiving holiday recedes in our rear view mirrors, we turn our attention to the coming Christmas, Hanukkah and winter solstice times.  For many, it can be an overwhelming time of shopping, travel and to-do lists.  Yet it’s also a time of gathering with loved ones, of re-connection and renewed life.  Spiritually, it’s a time to go inward—into the darker days, into the quiet that rests beneath blankets of snow, a reflective time honoring death and darkness before the coming of new life and the slow re-emergence of light.  Naturally, our bodies want to slow down.  We gravitate towards snuggling by fires with a warm cup of tea in hand.  It’s also a time to appreciate beauty in unlikely places.  Perhaps it’s not the stark beauty of spring growth and summer abundance, but the beauty of strung lights on a winter tree, or sunsets through a cloud-strewn sky.  It’s the beauty of tiny, tender moments, the focus on the small that teems with life way below the surface.

Take time for your soul
and spend time with those you love

If you’re looking for some time and space to appreciate all this season has to offer, to take time out of the bustle to just be, or to prioritize what matters most, like gathering with loves ones– consider Peace Tree Spirituality Center!  A home away from home, Peace Tree’s cozy space is perfect for holiday staff parties, renewal retreats, family gatherings, or even a private advent retreat.  The house is available to rent for daytime or overnight use, for one day only or an entire weekend.  You will have access to our comfortable living spaces, art room, dining room and kitchen, as well as private or shared bedrooms for overnight use or personal retreats.  The beautiful grounds provide space for contemplation, being in nature, and walking the labyrinth.

Whatever this holiday season holds, please know that all of us at Peace Tree hold you in our hearts and prayers, and that we are here to be of service to you, so that you might be present to your life ever more deeply, held in love.  We continue to be a space of healing, renewal, connection and transformation to all those who need us.

Reserve space by emailing: or calling Jessica at 314-283-4697.