CANCELED Soul Fire: Celebrating Summer Solstice

CANCELED Soul Fire: Celebrating Summer Solstice

A family emergency derailed this event’s planning. The program has been cancelled. We apologize for any inconvenience. You are always welcome to visit the labyrinth any day of the week from dawn to dusk. Perhaps you observe the summer solstice with a walking meditation on the labyrinth.

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Saturday, June 22
7-9 p.m.
On the Labyrinth

At the peak of the year’s light, the day of most intense bright, our bodies naturally tune into the rhythms of nature.  Illumined by the nearly perfect sphere of plasma, that floating star more than 92 million miles away that energizes so much of our life on earth, we become aware of the internal sun of our life, of our body, of our soul. 

What is your Soul Fire?  How might you, inspired by the journey of the sun at its peak, stoke what is coming to flame in your own being and life?  How might the fire at the center of you become the fuel of transformation in your life? 

In yogic understanding, the 3rd chakra is the “sun of our life”, residing between our navel and our diaphragm, the bright fiery center of us that knows who we are, what we want, and has the power to act.  A swirling center of inspiration and life, we stoke this fire with our breath, and move it with the waters of our creativity. 

Join us in celebration of the summer solstice!  We’ll light a bonfire, gather to move and sing and celebrate, in gratitude for the sun.  We’ll journey into deeper relationship with our own fiery centers, honoring what is burning through, transforming fire into light and energy for the journey. 

Peace Tree Co-Directors, Erin Duffy-Burke and Jessica Gazzola, will facilitate the festivities.

Suggested Donation

$20 Suggested Donation
All proceeds benefit Peace Tree Spirituality Center.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, nor will your donation be supervised. Please come if you are inspired, regardless of what you can donate, and contribute whatever you can that’s in integrity for you.