The Body’s Wisdom Way: a one-day retreat

The Body’s Wisdom Way: a one-day retreat

Tap into vision and create intention for 2019 by tuning into and honoring your embodied intelligence

  • learn embodied ways to pray
  • receive guidance on feeling the body’s needs and tuning into the body’s ever-available wisdom
  • learn how to regularly tune into this body wisdom
  • create a vision board for 2019, based on a day of tuning into the body’s way

Saturday, January 12
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Early Bird $70 until January 1, $85 after January 1

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This one-day retreat is an experience of embodied spirituality that will help you gain vision and set intention for the new year, just by coming into yourself. We often go about these transition times from a place of intellect or thinking, but what might happen if we tap into a different wisdom way, the way of the body? The body carries deep wisdom and sacred intelligence, woven into the very fabric of our sensate being. When we move, invite sensation and physical feeling, we gain insight we might not receive otherwise. During this retreat, we’ll dive into some simple embodied prayer and self-care practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. We’ll open to a gentle weaving of the body and soul, and from this place, allow vision for this new year to emerge.


No prior experience of structured movement (like yoga or dance) is required. Just come with a willingness to try something new. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and layers for the outdoors. If you have art supplies you love, and old magazines that might be ready to be cut up and put to good use, please bring those! Please also bring a sack lunch– you will have access to the fridge if you need it. There are a few places to grab lunch within a short driving distance as well. We will have about an hour lunch break.

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