The Minimalists walk a mindful path at Peace Tree

The Minimalists walk a mindful path at Peace Tree

More meaning.  Less stuff.

The Minimalists

Maybe you read their book, listen to their podcast, or watched their Netflix documentary, but the word is getting out.

The Minimalists movement, started by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, reaches a wide a receptive audience.  For those of us that sometimes feel like we’re drowning in consumerism and the distractions of today’s world, local meet up groups provide a supportive environment to pare down and live into a deeper purpose.

Minimalists of St. Louis meet up at Peace Tree

On Sunday, April 22 at 11:00 a.m., St. Louis Minimalists gather at Peace Tree Spirituality Center for their monthly meet up.  Using the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth, they will take a journey into intentional thought.

Ciara Brewer, event planner and local Minimalist leader writes:

“A labyrinth is a place for one to find oneself. It has only one path, which leads to the center and back out again. This is an exercise in quieting our minds to make more space for what we want in our lives and in our thoughts.”

A short discussion will follow.

This meet up is free and open the the public.

A free will donation benefits Peace Tree’s programs and mission.  Donate here or make an offering at our donation box when you visit.

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