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Deep Tides: a morning dive into poetry and music, movement and meditation

Saturday, February 24, 2018
9:30 a.m. – noon
Cost: $30


Poetry is the ancient language of human culture, the language of myth and hymn and story from earliest times.

Something in the rhythm, musicality and symbolic imagery of a poem invites us to touch into the deeper places of the heart, drops us into a more intimate space with ourselves, and there we may find the mother tongue of our souls.

A poem can be medicine as well as an ally and wisdom teacher to sail with us through troubled seas.

You don’t have even have to like poetry to find this Dive into poems a deeply transforming process.

Over the course of the morning’s Dive into Music and Poems, you will be invited to immerse yourself. to allow the tidal wash of music, movement, meditation, and poetry take you into an energized, restful and transformative space. During this process you can let yourself sink deeper into the flow of sound and poetry as into a mythic sea. Nothing is required of you. As we re-surface from the depths onto solid ground again, the group will be offered the opportunity to do a little journaling, and to share anything about the experience they would like. All is entirely voluntary.

Wendy Sarno, has been serving as a spiritual guide for many years. She leads retreats and workshops on a variety of topics designed to nourish the soul and lead toward greater wholeness. She is a founding associate with woman’Space. Much of her work with groups involves the use of writing to facilitate the collecting of individual stories and aid in spiritual exploration. She is a devoted initiate in Kim Rosen’s Poetry Depths Mystery School. Her greatest joy is working with others as they allow a poem to open and reveal the deepest language of soul. Wendy recently published her first book Writings from Wild Soul available at Blurb.com

Suggested reading: Saved By a Poem, Kim Rosen

A Day of Quiet

Saturday, March 3
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Cost: $25


Unplug for just one day.  Let the silence soak in and soothe the chatter.  Peace Tree Spirituality Center offers you a Day of Quiet – a day to just be.  Your day can be structured any way you like.  What will happen in the quiet is unknown – your unfolding mystery.

You will have access to the Center’s Fireplace Room, Library, Creation (Art) room, Meditation (3 seasons) room, Kitchen, and our grounds featuring the prayer garden and paved labyrinth.

The full kitchen and refrigerator is yours to use.  Bring a lunch or access one of the many restaurants nearby.


  • to rest and renew
  • to take a break from work or parenting
  • to remember an anniversary (of love or loss)
  • to reflect on a transition coming
  • to take stock of what’s important to you
  • to connect with something bigger
  • to dream…

Enjoy Peace Tree Spirituality Center on this special day at a reduced rate.  Learn more about our Day Away that can be scheduled anytime


Perhaps a spiritual director/companion could help you start your day or hold space for you to reflect out loud.

Enjoy an in house massage to release tension and help you open up to a softer awareness.

Make it an overnight!  Extend your stay and sink  more deeply into your natural soul rhythm.

Contact us if you are interested in adding any of these extras to your Day of Quiet.

On the Path of Yoga

March 17, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Cost: $40


What does it mean to have a yoga practice? Is it a path to physical fitness? Stress reduction? If we look at seminal texts on yoga, we see that yoga is a comprehensive spiritual path. The path of yoga leads us into a state of full integration of our highest self in every moment.

In this afternoon course we will look at one of these texts, the Yoga Sutras, and explore the spiritual path of yoga.

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Andrew Nunberg is a scientist turned spiritual aspirant. He started on the spiritual path 20 years ago when he was initiated into the practice of Sudarshan Kriya (SKY Meditation). Since then he has incorporated the spiritual teachings and practices of the Vedic tradition into his daily life as described by his spiritual teacher (guru) Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Andy now teaches these practices as well as spreads awareness of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.




A Week of Grace + Prayer

March 18-24
Cost: Donation – pay what you can


A Retreat in Everyday Life

There is no wrong way to pray.
You can’t do this retreat wrong.

These are individually directed retreats made during the course of everyday life. Couples in committed relationships have the option of meeting as a couple with a spiritual companion, rather than separately.

  • During a Week of Grace + Prayer, each participant is invited to pray privately for at least 30 minutes each day, and will meet with his/her spiritual companion privately for 30 minutes each day, Monday through Friday. Confidential, one-on-one meetings with spiritual companions take place in the afternoon or evening, at the convenience of each participant.

There is no registration fee, but retreatants are invited to share the costs of the retreat as they are able. Regarding offering amount, the average cost for each retreatant is about $44, some retreatants contribute less and some contribute more. Offerings may be given to the retreat coordinator, cash or check made out to Week/Month of Grace + Prayer. Your offerings help support the continuation of this ministry.

Visit Moments of Grace + Prayer Website for more information.

The Roots of Celtic Christian Spirituality

April 7, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Cost: $60 (scholarships available.  Contact director@peacetreecenter.org)

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Roots that run deep. Branches that reach wide. The Tree of Life speaks to the heart of Celtic Spirituality and Peace Tree Spirituality Center alike – a symbol for a God that cannot be contained within the walls of a building or a day of the week!

We are thrilled to host our first Celtic Christian program with Celctic Way Creative Director, Scott Jenkins. This day-long retreat illuminating the roots of Celtic Christian Spirituality. We will dig into these interrelated themes, learning and growing together:

  • God’s Presence within All Things
  • In the Image of God
  • Sacred Community
  • The Cycle of Time

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Scott Jenkins, Creative Director of Celtic Way in Denver, CO

One would think that after four years as a Biblical Literature student in college, four years of graduate school and over twenty five years of pastoral ministry that my episodes of theological upheaval would be in the rear-view mirror. Thank God that was not the case for me!

On a cold, snowy night at the tail end of a long day, my wife, Kris and I attended a presentation by a Celtic scholar by the name of John Philip Newell.

I was tired and a little resistant about attending but Kris insisted since we had been given the tickets. When we arrived, the room was full and we ended up sitting close to the front. When John Phillip began speaking I was energized and completely focused on his every word. I couldn’t believe my ears! Here was an ancient yet fresh presentation of the Christian faith that just so gripped me that I felt overjoyed, disoriented, and enlivened all at the same time. I could not write fast enough to keep up with the presentation or all the questions that were arising almost instantly.

What to do? My comfy belief system was turned upside down. At the time I was in my mid-fifties and privately laughed that this was happening to me now! The internal struggle which ensued was intense for a little over a year.

I read as many books pertaining to Celtic Christianity as I could afford to buy.

What I discovered was an ancient form the Christian faith that embraced the goodness of humanity, a revelatory place for nature within Christian thought and prayer, a healthy way to relate to other spiritual traditions, and the gift of all of life being inter-related in God.

Today, I am staring my 64th birthday in the face. Joyfully, I might add. I am excited and energized to engage in this Celtic Way with you through acts of charity, prayer, and presentation.

Make your retreat an Overnight

If you would like to make this retreat an overnight to enjoy the quiet of Peace Tree’s Center and Grounds, contact us at director@peacetreecenter.org. Stay for a special Celtic worship service Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m..  More information coming soon!


Finding Your Muse: An Abstract Painting Retreat 
with Jacqueline Sullivan

May 4-6
Cost: Save your Spot for $50!  Early registration discounts


In this weekend retreat we will explore the idea that the “Muse finds you working.” Developing a series of small abstract paintings on paper, we will work quickly at first, cranking out small series of paintings. The speed of working will force us to trust our intuition.

To some, working quickly and intuitively can be intimidating. But creating this way, without the pressure of producing a finished product, can often free up the creative muse.

JACQUELINE SULLIVAN is a mixed media, acrylic, book and calligraphic artist. She is well known for her pieces that experiment with texture, layers, paint, unusual materials, calligraphic marks and words.

For over 30 years Jacqueline has also been a teaching artist. She has taught workshops and week long classes for art retreats and art and calligraphy guilds in the US and Canada. She has served as faculty for several International Calligraphy Conferences.

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