Peace Tree at the Confluence of Soul and Life

Peace Tree at the Confluence of Soul and Life

Less than 12 miles from Peace Tree Spirituality Center the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet and merge waters on their way home to the Atlantic Ocean.  It can be a place of serenity and, during their swollen months, a place of power and rapid transformation. 

This literal confluence inspired a recent Peace Tree visioning day.  Dreaming into our future we recognize the wisdom of the land that holds and blesses us.  We know strength in rootedness taught to us by the trees.  But spring floods remind us that this rootedness prepares us for the waters of change that inevitably come.  Spiritual rootedness offers stability, so we can stand in the confluence of life and Spirit that transforms us – sometimes gently, sometimes quite suddenly.

Peace Tree holds space for confluence, because in these places of intersection we heal, renew, connect and transform ourselves and our world.  Here are some places we feel called to flow and meet and merge in 2019-2020:

Contemplation and Justice

Mindfulness and contemplation support Peace Tree’s culture – from our business meetings to our spiritual programs.  These tools can bring more than inner peace, they can be a means to transform our social and cultural biases, clarifying our place in the greater web of existence.  We plan to offer fully funded scholarships to train emerging leaders and activist in mindfulness and contemplative prayer practices.  Perhaps you are one of those leaders seeking tools for yourself and your community; or maybe you would like to help us fund this dream.

Sexuality/Gender Identity and Spirituality

In 2020 we plan to launch a program we are calling “Queer&…: a Conversation at the Intersections of Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Spirituality”.  “Queer&…”  is a series of eight monthly public Friday night speakers/panels followed by more casual conversation.  Topics may include Queer&Seeking, Queer&Catholic, Trans&Spiritual, and more. The following Saturday, fifteen participants living that month’s intersection topic will be invited to a day-long retreat led by a professional facilitator. Each event will be rooted in diverse ways of learning and sharing experience. Embodiment through yoga and simple techniques will be interwoven throughout the events.  Two art exhibits will engage the themes of the program.

We are awaiting word on grant funding, but still need to raise money for the excellent speakers and facilitators we will invite.  Our desire is to make all our programming accessible, so we will also solicit donations for scholarships.  We also plan to produce a podcast series and accompanying video.  If this intersection speaks to you, please reach out.

Prophetic Art and Culture

Art is not a mirror to hold up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it.
Leon Trotsky

Antoinette Crayton of North County Writing & Arts Network

Peace Tree holds space for creatives of all kinds to find both solitude and the strength of community.  We are building relationships with local artists and art groups, including the North County Writing and Arts NetworkSpend a day to hone your craft or connect with us to find community and collaboration.

Soul and Earth

This confluence lives in the seasons, cycles, and rhythms of life and death that exist within us as well as in the natural world.  Our earth provides a mirror to our soul and our soul feels the kinship of wild nature.  This year, as the weather warms, we will offer full moon labyrinth walks, solstice fire, and space to sit under a tree.  Visit our upcoming events page and check back as we add more opportunities to connect each month.

What confluence speaks to your soul journey?  Let us know! 

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